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Cardio Sucks!

To be honest many people hate cardio exercise with a passion, the thought of getting on a treadmill or Stairmaster and huffing away for hours on end is probably less appealing than going five rounds with Mike Tyson in his prime!

An often overlooked part of healthy living is the health of your mind. Our bodies are controlled by our minds so until our minds are healthy, getting our bodies healthy can be very difficult. Introducing coaching to help you achieve your goals will provide a new approach, offer a solid foundation for you to then exceed your health and fitness goals.

Though I do advocate going for a walk a few times a week at low intensity as a great way to reduce stress levels, pounding your joints for 45 minutes at a time on a treadmill or running machine is not the best idea.

When I opened my fitness studio back in 2009, cardio equipment was kept at a minimum. Why? Because I wanted my clients to be leaner, stronger, faster and fitter than your average gym user and they weren’t going to get there by sticking them on a treadmill for hours on end.

To build a lean and functionally fit body you need to train smarter, that means eliminating mindless cardio on machines and instead training like a fighter and not a marathon runner. So instead of rows and rows of treadmills, cross trainers and step machines, I began filling my studio with dumbbells, kettlebells, suspension systems and boxing equipment.

We mix and match these training tools, along with a variety of bodyweight exercises into short intense workouts that burn fat like crazy and get you into phenomenal shape fast. In fact most of our workouts not including warm-up and cool-down will last less than 30 minutes, with some only taking 10 minutes!!!

By being so short they give you no excuse for not having the time to get a workout in, in fact just 3 of these workouts per week combined with our nutritional guidelines are all you need to turn your body from fat to fit fast.

Too much traditional cardio will make you fat and weak!

The biggest problem with traditional cardio is that it eats away at your muscle leaving you weaker and potentially fatter! Also as you complete more and more of these workouts, you actually burn less energy (fat) as your body becomes more efficient. Excessive cardio also has the potential to increase cravings of high fat and sugar foods, definitely not good if you want to get leaner.

The training at Metabolic Solution burns fat far more effectively, spares your joints the typical overuse injuries and doesn’t cause excessive production of the stress hormone cortisol! With this style of training you actually get to increase your strength while getting leaner instead of weaker.

When you’re losing strength, you’re losing muscle which in turn decreases metabolism resulting in less fat loss and in many cases even fat gain. That’s definitely not the desired outcome of any training program, at least not the people who work with me.

Training sessions at Metabolic Solution are nowhere near as detrimental to your body and are also not as boring. Actually they can be quite fun, especially when you’re surrounded by like-minded training partners who have the same goals.

6 Weeks to a new you!

Many people spend months and even years trying to get into great shape, spending hundreds, if not thousands of pounds with little success. If this is you, and you’ve been struggling to get into shape, drop fat and build a body you can be proud of, then we can help!

So are you ready to:

  • Burn up to 8% body-fat
  • Drop up to 5kgs in weight
  • Improve fitness
  • Increase strength
  • Have more energy
  • Feel damn good

Yes you can achieve all this in as little as just 6 weeks, all you have to do is to commit to training 3 times per week for six weeks and follow our nutritional guidelines and I promise that you will be feeling leaner, stronger, faster and fitter than you ever felt possible.

So if you’re ready to commit yourself to achieving the body you deserve, sign up here !

Or if you have any questions contact us today.