Barry Brookes Bootcamp client success

Having been a regular gym member for many years I became tired of my old routine and just felt I had hit a brick wall, I lacked self motivation and knew I needed guidance and motivation from someone in order to move my training forward. Just the term Bootcamp was enough to get me interested plus you had been recommended to me by a friend.

The sessions greatly improve my sense of well being which I love plus I have lost weight, gained muscle not to mention my overall level of fitness which is the best it has ever been. Now I have a wonderfully low resting heart rate and my blood pressure has also reduced.

What do I like best... ? It doesn't take up too much time, every session I'm guaranteed to reach a level of exhaustion unattainable on my own.

What kept me motivated...? The way the sessions vary each week, you never really know what you're gonna get. Now I'm just motivated to maintain what I have achieved.

To anyone sitting on the fence...Just do it! Take a leap of faith, you won't regret it (perhaps mid way through a training session you might), but you'll feel amazing afterwards.

I'm pleased with the results, after all, it does what it says on the tin as far as I'm concerned.

Barry Brookes

Helena Haycock Bootcamp client success

What prompted you to train with us?
Honestly, my mum. She wouldn’t shut up about how great the gym is and how much it could do for me. I’m glad I listened for once!

What results have you achieved?
So far I have lost over 4 stone! I have gone from being in the ‘obese’ weight category to the ‘healthy’, and dropped at least 4 dress sizes.

What do you like best about training with us?
I like the variety, I know that every time I go I will be training in a completely different way to how I was in the previous session. Even when doing the same classes regularly, they are never the same.

What kept you motivated and did you have any setbacks?
So many, but Paul always says it’s better to come and train and try than to not do it at all, so even if I had a bad food day or wasn’t feeling 100% enthusiastic about training, I always try my best to at least turn up, and I always feel better for it afterwards.

What would you say to someone sitting on the fence about training with us?

How do you feel about your results?
I find it hard to explain how much my life has changed since losing all the weight (and becoming so much stronger) but it’s almost as if I have been given a totally new life. Every possible aspect of my life has improved, and I am so thankful to the gym for having such a huge part in that!

Helena Haycock

Elaine Chambers Bootcamp client success

About twelve years ago a friend said I would love a particular class she attended – it was with Paul Golding. I have always been a keen exerciser and keeping fit is an important part of my life. Going to the gym on my own never did it for me so I soon discovered that this class was right up my street. 

Life can throw things at you that set you back – having a trainer with not only a vast amount of experience but masses of belief, dedication and motivation has quite frankly been fantastic and a true inspiration. 

I came back from a major op and went on to run my first marathon just before my fiftieth birthday. Yes, I'm getting older – who isn't?! I can still train to the best of my ability and feel much better for it. 

If you have reasons to doubt yourself, there is no need. At Brighton Bootcamp you are treated as an individual with the advantage of being part of a great group of people to share the experience with.

Elaine Chambers

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