Amanda Digweed Bootcamp client success

What was it that prompted you to start training with us?
Positive and helpful information on your website that made me want to get my fitness and strength levels up with losing weight.

What results have you achieved since starting with us?
Weight loss, body fat loss, stronger fitness and health.

What do you like best about training with Brighton Bootcamp?
Training as part of a small group with an encouraging Personal Trainer (Paul) and an all over body workout with motivation.

What kept you motivated and did you have many setbacks?
Staying focussed on my goals and objectives so these could be reached; and no setbacks, as I wanted to stay focussed.

What would you say to someone sitting on the fence about training with us?
To get motivation and achieve your desired goals and to be supported, come to Brighton Bootcamp.

How do you feel about your results?
I am really happy that I took the step to come to Brighton Bootcamp after reading such helpful information and testimonials and nutritional information on the website that I couldn’t not give it a go and in order to feel confident and fitter I had to do something myself other than sitting here doing nothing. I’m so happy I have made that change in my life and feel so much better and confident and would certainly recommend to others who are sitting and only thinking of taking that step.

Amanda Digweed

Paul Jones Bootcamp client success

I've trained with Paul for about 12 years and here's why I wouldn't consider anywhere else:
- Paul knows exactly how hard to push you, whether it's your first time or your 12th year
- The classes are extremely varied and a great mix of cardio-vascular exercise and strength work
- As a result of these classes I'm fitter in my 40s than I was in my 20s and discovered muscles I never knew I had!
- I've never come across a trainer as committed as Paul to every single client's fitness, weight loss (or whatever other personal goal they are trying to achieve)
- The classes are friendly, welcoming and I think everyone feels supported and encouraged by each other.

Paul Jones

Amanda Digweed Bootcamp client success

I started with a 6 week intensive bootcamp course as I wanted to lose some weight. At my consultation, Rick weighed me, made measurements and took my body fat percentage. To my horror my body fat percentage was 28.7% and I couldn’t believe it as I’m 152 cm and at the time weighed 50.4 kg. I mentioned to Rick that my weakness was sugar as I have a big sweet tooth.

Rick asked if I go cold turkey and not have any sugars for a week. At first I wasn’t sure if I could do it but I stuck to it and managed to do it and felt very proud of myself that I managed to do it. I also changed my diet and didn’t eat any fast food, fatty or very sugary foods; I even stopped having sugar in my tea and still have no sugar in my tea. I attended 3 bootcamp sessions a week and despite it being hard work, I always felt better afterwards.

The support I got from everyone was great and I couldn’t have done it without you all. Throughout the 6 weeks, I got compliments from people who said I looked great and this was my motivation to stick to it and try and bring my body fat percentage down.

At the end of my last session, I was very nervous and didn’t know how well/bad I had done. Rick weighed, measured and took my body fat percentage again. When he told me the results, I couldn’t believe it! My weight was 46.6 kg and my body fat percentage was 20.4%.

A big thank you to Paul, Rick and Diana for the great support and motivation you gave me to continue and achieve my goal!

Elahe Mirzadeh

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