Carla Moody Bootcamp client success

I've always exercised to keep fit and balance an otherwise unhealthy lifestyle. I did a trial class on the seafront many years ago but couldn't commit to classes at that point. When I broke my collar bone three years ago I lost a lot of fitness and felt really weak, I remembered how brilliant the trial had been and decided to go for it. The timetable really works for me because you don't have to commit to a specific time slot.

I was amazed at how quickly I regained strength and fitness after six months of not being able to do anything other than a cautious jog. Paul and the team have kept me motivated for over two years with encouragement and their passion for fitness and I love the fact that it never gets comfortable it's always a challenge to lift heavier, work harder.

When I joined I wanted to be able to do proper press ups, I can push those out now without any problem at all! I've entered various events, half marathons, 10k's etc in the knowledge that my body is capable of pretty much anything because I've seriously tested it in these sessions. I'm about to do the London to Brighton bike ride, bootcamp has been my training you don't really need much more to get your head and body in the right place!
I would never go back to a gym now, I couldn't I'm addicted!

Carla Moody

Carol Wallace Bootcamp client success

There’s no doubt that Paul and Bootcamp is difficult, even the hard core ones find it hard sometimes. But whatever your personal goals are, you will achieve them if you follow the rules and do the best that you can do; and if you decide to give it a go you may as well get your money’s worth.

The atmosphere is very friendly and you CAN have a laugh, you don’t get any of those looks, “Oh she/he is a little larger or unfit”. Everyone cares and will encourage you.

I have known Paul personally for many years now and he does have a heart underneath the hard core exterior. Paul will always have an answer to any quibbles/injuries that you may have and will adjust accordingly.

After all I’m still going after all the torture I have endured and secretly I get a buzz from it. Even after a day’s work and you’re a little knackered it will certainly give you a lift. So get up and stop thinking about it and give it a go. You have nothing to lose when fitness can be gained. The only weight problems you’ll have are the ones you’ll be lifting.


Carol Wallace

Neil Wiltshire Bootcamp client success

Over the last 25 years I have done my best to get and stay fit. 

During that time I have taken part in many forms of exercise, primarily in a class environment, and with many different trainers.

Without doubt, my training with Brighton Bootcamp has enabled me to get fitter and achieve things that I could not possibly have imagined a few years ago, like running a marathon.

There are always new challenges and a variety of classes to keep one motivated. Even when I have suffered with back problems alternatives and adaptations have been offered to help me through.

What is also amazing, is to see other people join the fold and feel the great atmosphere, they then go to reach peaks they had aspired to.

In over ten years of training with these guys I can still find room to improve and I know they will help and encourage me to do so.

If you want it, Brighton Bootcamp can make it happen for you.

Neil Wiltshire

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