Matt Wilson Bootcamp client success

What prompted you to train with us?
I signed up for a six week bootcamp course as a method of for my then fiancée and I to get ‘trim’ before our wedding. It had to be at 6am to suit both our jobs and there are hardly any fitness venues open at that time – that shows the dedication to clients in itself. I had done circuit classes before but nothing like the intensity as per a Metabolic Workout. The buzz at the end of a class when you have pushed yourself – awesome. It is great the encouragement given to really not settle and achieve beyond goals. It’s all done with suitable friendly but valuable sensible advice on doing the exercise correctly. Even when the class is full it still feels like a personal training session with attention paid to all participants. And it’s not just about Paul, Rick when he was here and Trevor and their passion for us their clients but also the atmosphere of the class participants - the mix of friendly banter, grimaces from serious workout and peer encouragement is great too. And the get-togethers like the Christmas party are always fun with trying to work out who is who when classmates are dressed up in more glamorous attire than their workout gear. Finally, you can’t out-train a poor diet. Nutrition and life-style choice is most important too and sensible realistic advice, hints and tips on what and when to eat and encouragement even if you’ve fallen off the wagon is readily available.

What results have you achieved?
I started back in November 2009 with our wedding just before Christmas. Despite thinking I was fit and healthy I managed to drop an inch off waist size after the initial six weeks. Previously I’d done a few half marathons and we both had entered the Brighton Half in February 2010. So upon return from honeymoon we thought we’d carry on bootcamp training until the Half. I knocked 20 minutes off my PB that year, getting under 1h 40mins for the first time. That was it, I was hooked. This didn’t just get you trim, it got results. Later on I managed to get under 18 minutes on 5k Park run. I achieved a PB of 1 hour 22 minutes at the 2015 Brighton Half. Beside that I have found myself feeling trim, healthy, confident and full of beans during the day despite the early morning starts.

What do you like best about training with us?
The workouts are varied, intense and achievable. You don’t need to grind away for hours not actually achieving anything much, sometimes half an hour blast is enough. The studio is well equipped. The class atmosphere is focused but inclusive of all abilities. Commitment of Paul and Trevor to us. The advice is great, the results amazing. I also feel empowered regards nutrition to make that positive choice over food and to avoid the endless temptations that undo all the exercise.

What kept you motivated and did you have any setbacks?
The desire to achieve more and not settle keeps me motivated. I did get under 18 minutes for a 5k run. I will get under 1 hour 20 for that half. Setbacks are only that occasionally nutrition can go out of the window just because that packet of biscuits is too tempting - but reset and start again.

What would you say to someone sitting on the fence about training with us?
Make the positive choice - do it and live a better life. While you’ll think, ‘What the hell!?!’ during workout, enjoy the buzz and achievement afterwards. It lasts all day if you do 6am! It’s also addictive which you’ll only understand and get if you take part.

How do you feel about your results?

Matt Wilson

Martin Cottrell Bootcamp client success

It was back in Oct 2014 when I realised that none of my clothes fitted me properly, and my gut was stretching my shirts to embarrassing point, this prompted me to check the scales. Almost 15 stone!! And I am not a big guy.

Something had to give; I had heard of Brighton Bootcamp before and checked this out online just at the time that a 10 week challenge was due to start. I decided that I would attend the initial consultation session and see what this was all about and I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I have made. Paul and his team really helped me to understand what is needed to become leaner, fitter, stronger, faster and I signed up there and then.

The support available throughout is immense and comes from everywhere, Paul and Trevor are both great coaches and really do know how to get the best out of each person, pushing you to go that extra bit further even when you think you don’t have it in you, but outside of this, it is the support and encouragement from my fellow Bootcampers that drives me on, everyone is there for their own personal goals and reasons, but every session I go to I feel like we are working as a team. It’s a great feeling.

The thing I like most about Brighton Bootcamp is the variety, every session is different but every session is tailored to generate the best results and however hard the session, and there is no hiding the fact that they are hard, I always leave feeling great, the buzz generated from the workout and knowing that I am achieving the results I want is amazing.

In order to achieve the results I wanted I had to change a lot of poor habits, and overcome a lifetime of little to no exercise, none of which was easy, but there are quick wins that keep you going and if you ever feel like you’re losing the will to keep going, just book a one to one with Paul and you’ll be right back on track.

To anyone who is considering giving Brighton Bootcamp a go all I can say is do it, you’ll be glad you did. My own wife even signed up after seeing my midpoint results through the initial challenge and she has become just as addicted.

After 10 weeks my results were great, I had lost weight, lost body fat and built muscle, but more importantly I felt amazing and the best bit, I am still achieving new results, still losing weight and still getting leaner, fitter, stronger and faster.

Thanks Paul.

Martin Cottrell

Lisa Robertson Bootcamp client success

What prompted you to train with us?
After I moved to Brighton I tried a few different types of exercise classes but had not found anything that was very motivational. I thought I need to try the bootcamp as I knew it was what I needed to kick start my routine after I had broken my foot.

What results have you achieved?
I have become much fitter and stronger.

What do you like best about training with us?
I like training in a group and that the classes are different each time so it does not get repetitive. I need to be pushed as I would not do this type of training at the gym or without someone pushing me.

What kept you motivated and did you have any setbacks?
My main motivation is to get my weight down and get fitter. My main setback is probably partying too much which makes my diet and fitness then goes out the window.

What would you say to someone sitting on the fence about training with us?
The team have extensive knowledge of fitness and what it involves to get you fit. They give you great support and push you hard so you can achieve your goals.

How do you feel about your results?
I am not quite where I want to be but I am much happier and I have become fitter, it is also a great stress relief.

Lisa Robertson

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