Fiona Turner Bootcamp client success


I've been coming to Brighton Bootcamp for nearly 7 years and am really pleased with my fitness and strength. However it was only during the challenge that I really addressed my nutrition. I have always trained hard but addressing my eating habits has been much harder! Training hard is not enough. I know that now. My big problem is I LOVE CAKE AND CHOCOLATE! Most days, every day I would eat it! Big slices and big bars! Well not any more. With the help of some amazing friends I have lost my craving for it. I only eat it occasionally for treats. I have picked up some great healthy eating tips. Once the weight and fat started to come off, my craving changed to becoming lean and toned. There are no diets to follow, just good food and I eat a lot. Believe me!

A great thing about training here is the ethos. There is no elitism. No one feeling they are better than anyone else. Paul would never allow that. There are no egos. Paul's ego is enough! Only joking Paul! He is passionate about people becoming fit, lean and strong. He knows we can do it. He believes in us even if we don't believe in ourselves. Many a time I have thought I wouldn't be able to do a certain exercise (box jumps come to mind!) or lift a heavier weight, he has shown me I can do it. There are some wonderful people here but we only have one desire and that is to achieve the best we can and encourage others to do the same.

'Motivate your partner', 'Encourage each other', Paul always says!

Another good thing is that there is no ageism either. I'm 57 and expected to work as hard as anyone half my age. No gentle exercise for the over 50s here. I love that. There is no age limit to what you can achieve. I am leaner, fitter and stronger than I've ever been. Believe me when I first started on Hove Lawns I could hardly do anything. Just ask Paul. He'll tell you. If I can do it, anyone can.

So whatever shape, size or age you are AND you are prepared to put in some hard work mentally and physically (remember if it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you), you'll be amazed at what you can achieve.


Fiona Turner

Tony Adams Bootcamp client success

When I found out that I was to become a father for the first time at 53, I decided it was time to get fit enough to play with my new family.

I’d noticed Paul’s Hove seafront Bootcamp.

I did a trial evening which resulted in aches in muscles that I hadn’t used for years. But with the support of Paul and all the bootcampers, I persevered and actually learned to enjoy pushing my body further than I thought I could.

So here I am 7 years on – 3.5 stone lighter, and not just fit for my age – but one of the fittest dads at the school gate. I’ve run 4 marathons and six half marathons, and happier with my body and health than I’ve been for literally decades.

It’s not an easy option to get fit, and there have been a couple of lapses, but I can honestly say that Paul’s advice, guidance and determination has been the major factor in my improvement.

Without his determined support (either metaphorical or physical) I honestly could not have achieved half of what I have.

If you want to change – Understand it won’t be easy, but you won’t be on your own – Don’t hesitate, do it Now!

Tony Adams

Teana Ashley Bootcamp client success

Over the last few years, due to excessive socialising around my hobbies of music and sailing, I gained a lot of weight. Due to an old motorcycle injury, I had a painful knee which became an excuse for not being able to walk comfortably, climbing stairs became a huge battle and even getting off the sofa was a trial. Activities that I'd always enjoyed such as running and cycling were long forgotten. Swimming was out of the question because I'd ballooned to a size 20 and didn’t want to be seen in a swimsuit.

Over the years I tried many gyms in the hope of making a difference, but I lacked the motivation and knowledge to achieve anything on my own. But then I saw an article about Brighton Bootcamp and thought that It sounded interesting. At the time, I was 67, overweight, couldn’t walk very well and lacked any real muscle tone so I wondered how long I would actually be able to sustain any form of exercise, let alone Bootcamp. Initially I had an interview with Paul at the fitness studio, and was very impressed with Paul's enthusiasm and honesty. He didn't offer any platitudes about magic weight loss but, rather, emphasised the need to get fit 'from the inside out'. The studio was light, airy and very well equipped. The 6-week package that I had signed up to definitely seemed 'doable'. The program even included a nutrition plan that I started immediately. Unbelievably just by following the nutrition plan I even lost 4 pounds during the first few days before I started the exercise program.

I now train 3 times per week and love the varied and challenging classes. Everybody in the class is very supportive and encouraging, and as Paul says, there are no egos. I have been attending the classes for about 7 months now and I am very pleased with results. When I started, I weighed 82.9 kg with body fat of 42.2%, (which I found shocking), but at my most recent consultation I weighed just 63.7kg with body fat of 27.4%.

I now feel so much better, my agility, strength and endurance are growing all the time. Friends and family are amazed by the changes. It is so satisfying when I recently went clothes shopping to not be looking at the size 20 rail as I am now a size 12.

I look forward to the classes, everyone is friendly and there's a great, supportive atmosphere. It is hard work but the sense of achievement is huge.

Teana Ashley

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