Eddie Piggott Bootcamp client success

I’ve always enjoyed exercise but it's been one of those things that I have picked up and dropped on numerous occasions, it’s always difficult to motivate yourself in the long-term with solo visits to the gym. My partner had used Brighton Bootcamp before and had enjoyed the experience, so I thought I would give it a go.

Having now completed the 6 week Kick Start, I’ve signed up for a further 3 months as the results have been fantastic. I’ve not only seen real change in my body shape and fitness levels, I'm also leaner, fitter and stronger.

Don’t expect it to be easy! Brighton Bootcamp push you, and hard, but it’s a really inclusive and a totally non-judgemental environment to train in. The group classes are fun and everyone pulls together to encourage each other. I've really benefitted from having Paul & Trevor on hand to help improve my technique too. Seeing and feeling the results week in and week out is a real driver to keep going and you need that, especially when you're still hurting from the previous session! If you’re thinking about giving it a go then I would encourage you to get signed up and start ASAP. Don’t be worried about fitting in, a lack of knowledge or how fit you are as everyone accepts and supports everyone else, it's a real community.

I love the results - feeling fitter and healthier is great. I’ve lost weight, my body fat has decreased and I’m getting stronger. The only down side has been having to have new holes punched in every single one of my belts, otherwise things could start to get embarrassing...

Eddie Piggott

Lucy Britner Bootcamp client success

I heard about Brighton Bootcamp from a friend, who said she felt like it was the first proper exercise she had ever done. After my first session, I really understood what she meant: it's easy to go to a gym and convince yourself you've done a proper workout but the truth is that you rarely push yourself when you are training alone and you do not get the level of guidance and support that is on offer at Brighton Bootcamp. There is no slacking off and my attitude has changed completely: I don't want to slack off. I get bored of exercise very easily and the best thing for me is that every session is different. There's no chance to dread what's ahead!

Although there are many people dedicated to fitness, it's not an intimidating gym and Paul is an incredibly astute instructor.

So far, I have lost inches around my chest, waist and hips and my arms and thighs are definitely more toned. I have also lost weight. Following the nutrition plan isn't easy and planning your meals is essential. BUT if you do follow it, it works. And you can actually eat some amazingly filling meals.

I am getting married next September and I feel like I will walk down the aisle with bags more confidence. 

Lucy Britner

Lesley Dolan Bootcamp client success

"Leaner, stronger, faster, fitter" applies directly to me. I thought I was fit before I joined Brighton Bootcamp but now I'm amazed by the things my body can do. My strength has improved significantly, I can lift more than most men now, and yet I am the leanest I've ever been. I've lost a dress size and gained friends, it's so refreshing to find a gym that is friendly yet dedicated to getting the best out of each individual. 

Lesley Dolan

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