Lucy Johnson Bootcamp client success

After having my second child I returned to Brighton Bootcamp to get back into shape. I initially signed up to a 12 week challenge in October and I've not looked back.

It was very daunting at first. It was all I remembered, the exhaustion, the sweat from working hard, the feeling of completion when done - I leave there buzzing. The muscle soreness was immense and the change didn't happen overnight but Paul played to my strengths and knew how to get the best out of me. The classes are varied, short and to the point, get in, get done and get out which is why I have no excuse not to go. 

The nutritional guide is useful; it keeps you on track but gives you the freedom to experiment different concoctions...who would have thought cottage cheese was so versatile! 

The support from others in the class is welcoming, a tip here and a sympathetic ear when you have doubts is what makes Brighton Bootcamp special. Everyone is supporting each other. We are all striving to be the best we can, all singing from the same page. 

Now 9 months on from having my baby my pre pregnancy body is back and I'm working towards the bikini body! I'm officially a Metaholic! I absolutely love this place and everything it represents

Lucy Johnson

Shaima Lee Bootcamp client success

What prompted you to train with us?
I have been doing Paul's classes for over 12 years now and I love the energy and feeling you get with his classes. After each of my kids (I have three aged 3, 2 years and 8 months) I would do the 6 week challenge and he would help me to achieve what I want which to get my strength and confidence back.

What results have you achieved?
I am back into my pre-pregnancy clothes and feel very healthy and strong.

What do you like best about training with us?
I love the buzz of each class and the variety of workout even though they are all very hard and different you get a full body workout whether it's a cardio or weight class.

What kept you motivated and did you have any setbacks?
Paul and others in the class definitely help motivate you and my babies too, going back to class was hard as my youngest was 3 months so I had lots of sleepless nights but as soon as you get in that class it just disappears and you have that amazing feeling of doing something great for you.

What would you say to someone sitting on the fence about training with us?
Try it and trust me you will get hooked on the feeling you have after getting through a class (you will at times think can I do this?! Will I get through this?! ) but you will do and will love it.

How do you feel about your results?
I can't thank Paul enough for pushing me to achieve results even when I tell him I can't do any more, he manages to get more out of me. 

I miss you guys and can't wait until I'm back in the UK to come back to Bootcamp 

Shaima Lee

Tommy Wilson Bootcamp client success

What prompted you to train with us?
I decided to train with Brighton Bootcamp as I had decided to try my luck at a 5k Obstacle Race, having not done much training leading up to this I decided to research places to help me. I found Brighton Bootcamp online and after stalking them they seemed like the right fit for me. A very friendly consultation later and I couldn't wait to sign up to the 6 week blast! 

What results have you achieved?
Leading up to starting with Brighton Bootcamp I hadn't really done anything and wasn't comfortable with the way I looked and felt. Finishing the Blast course I feel more confident in myself and stronger, I completed my goal of finishing the 5k Spartan Race and still progressing to become a better me!

What do you like best about training with us?
Training with Brighton Bootcamp was unlike anything I had done before, I was a little apprehensive of group training as felt embarrassed, but after my first session, the group made me feel welcome and helped push me further than I thought I could, Paul has a great way to get the best from you and is always there to motivate you which really worked.

What kept you motivated and did you have any setbacks?
Feeling like I would let myself down was a great motivation as only I could be held accountable, which I learnt through Brighton Bootcamps, as seeing the progress in speed and strength made me feel good, my only set back was my nutrition although it wasn't bad it could have been a lot better.

What would you say to someone sitting on the fence about training with us?
Just do it! Don't hesitate don't give yourself time to build barriers just jump in! 

How do you feel about your results?
More than happy, although not too much change in appearance, I have never felt so energetic, fast and strong! These are the key stepping stones for me to reach my long term goal and now that I have these it's only a matter of time to reach the end game (and beyond).

On a final note I couldn't thank everyone at Brighton Bootcamps enough, the help and guidance from the team and members alike.  

Tommy Wilson

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